Ana Ballesteros

U.S. Grain Council

Ana Ballesteros is Regional Director of Marketing for the Latin American Office of the United States Grain Council, a private non-profit organization that promotes in international markets the use of barley, maize and sorghum produced in the United States and products related to these grains. Under this responsibility, she plans, coordinates and implements the programs and activities that the Council develops in Latin America and the Caribbean, related to the use of grains in animal feed. She previously worked in the animal feed in Colombia being responsible for the international purchases of ingredients of a recognized commercial food production company. Ana is an engineer from the School of Engineering of Antioquia (Colombia), master’s in administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the Monterrey Institute of Technology (Mexico) and Specialist in Digital Marketing of OBS (Spain). In addition, she participated in the Senior Management Program of the IE Business School in Madrid (Spain).

Speaking Date:
Monday, Jan. 25, 2021

Presentation Time:
11:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Presentation Title:
What About Corn and its Related Ingredients?

Presentation Summary:
Corn plays a key role in poultry feeding both economically and nutritionally. In this presentation we will address both aspects.

We will analyze the latest data on global supply and demand for this grain, with particular emphasis on the 2020/2021 US harvest, but covering the most relevant aspects of other maize producing and exporting countries. Similarly, an analysis of global demand will be presented, including an update on purchases by China. The main key factors that every producer must monitor to get an idea of possible availability scenarios and price trends in the short term, both maize and their co-products, will be analyzed.

From a nutritional point of view, the release of the summary video will be launched which will present the results of the U.S. Corn Harvest Quality Report Cycle 2020/2021. This report, which the U.S. Grain Council has been making available to consumers around the world, reaches its tenth edition in this harvest. It aims to provide a reliable and consistent tool that allows end-users of maize to understand in advance the maize conditions they will be using for much of 2021.